Hotel and International Real Estate

Hotel Real Estate:

Hotel Real Estate is a high-value and rewarding endeavor. It offers exceptional return on investment. This industry almost always gives a decent income on the investment.

Benefits of investing in hotel real estate:
The prime benefit of putting your money in hotel assets is consistent returns. Whether it is recession or depression, the hotel industry gets a steady flow of clients throughout the year. As such, the returns on your investment are stable.




Secondly, the rates of returns are pretty higher whether you run the hotel or lease it to someone. The clients and targets of the hotel industry are high-end customers who are least affected by depression and recession. As a result, any hotel gets a steady flow of clients on a constant basis provided they manage their hotels professionally and provide best quality services.

Why hire a management service for managing your hotel assets?

While investing in hotel assets will fetch you better returns, you need to have someone that will take care of your property. It is here a reliable management company steps in to resolve your worries. Appointing a hotel asset management company is beneficial in many respects.

First of all, management services have links and contacts with various business associates. As such, they can manage your assets proficiently regardless of the competition. No matter whether you want to rent your assets or run your hotel, a respected company dedicated to managing hotel assets will take every step to multiply your returns on your investment. With a management service, your hotel real estate investment and the earnings thereon are exposed to the minimum risks even during unfavorable times.

A reputed management service has highly qualified professionals who carry years of experience in managing and marketing. Whether the market is booming or passing through a challenging phase, the professionals at the company will employ effective strategies to drive prospects and tenants to your hotel real estate. If you wish to make money by selling your asset, the company will help you to get the best price by finding you an ideal buyer.

Bottom line: Thus, it gets pretty evident that the hotel real estate investment is a much better investment to make money. Consistent income, increase in your invested capital, minimum risks, etc. are a few of the significant benefits of investing in hotel real estate. However, you should hire a reliable company that will manage your investment for better returns. There are many hotel management companies available in Jeddah. In exchange for a modest charge, the management company will ensure you reap much higher returns on your investment all through the year. So invest smartly in the hotel industry and appoint a management service to harness consistent returns with minimum possible risks.


International Real Estate Investment

The International real estate market has turned out be the most lucrative investment options that the global investors are peeping into. Studies have found that investing in a foreign land, is not just an exotic idea, but also a great channel to diversify your hard-earned wealth, in the right direction. Thus, it won’t be wrong, if we regard ‘real estate investment’ as the biggest asset of any investor’s stock portfolio.

A Risk Eliminator
In addition to the statement above, investing in a foreign land is also a risk eliminator for the potential investors. It debars any perilous risk that may involve losing a big chunk of your wealth. You might think of this, as an exaggerated version of the reality. However, the real picture says that those who invest internationally are less likely to be affected by any mishap or loss of wealth than those who don’t.
Let’s just say, someone mistakenly killed someone during a car accident or someone’s company gets sued for any breach of contract. The eventual outcome would be a huge loss of money in the court cases. The wealth and property may also be seized, if the situation gets worse. The person will be left out with nothing. On the other side of the coin, if the person owns a real estate property in a foreign country, he can be rest assured that the foreign property cannot be confiscated or seized by the government of the home country. This explains why and how a foreign investment can be a big savior. Besides this, there are several other advantages that account for a sure shot international real estate investment. Jeddah based Capitas Group International has collaboration with many financial institution and provides good options for real estate investment in Saudi Arabia and Internationally.

Have a look –

• The purchased land can be used for multiple purposes, viz. forestry, agriculture, tourism etc.
• You’ll generate an inflow of cash in another currency, which in turn will diversify your asset portfolio
• The property can serve you as a vacation getaway that will keep appreciating in value, with time
• It is a perfect inflation hedge
• The property will be totally under your control, i.e., you can sell, buy, rent or construct as per your needs

Where to Invest?

Now when you know the importance of foreign land investment, it’s time to look into few of the most lucrative destinations that may certainly appeal you –
A) Lisbon
Lisbon is a famous tourist destination overseas, and currently, it is gaining immense fame as one of the international locations to invest into. It offers a surprisingly lower cost of living, awesome weather, and feasible property prices. You can either own a home for your family or use it as a short-term tourist rental property. In both ways, you are at a profit.

B) Playa del Carmen
Located in Mexico, this place is ideal for those, who are looking for stronger yields, rather than a low price. The average occupancy rates here are as high as nearly 80% every year. Also, investment in Playa is said to be very advantageous, because of its active resale market.

C) Bogotá
This is the most popular travel destination in Colombia and is referred to as the fastest growing tourist rental market. The local middle class is quickly expanding here, which indicates a better capital appreciation for the investors.

In a nutshell, investing into an international real estate is beneficial for any individual or an ambitious business man. Your wealth needs to prosper, and this is the perfect medium.